Ana's Adventures in Sintra

Ana's Adventures in Sintra is a very small, young company based in Sintra. It was created by Ana Catarina Carrasqueira that is making tourists happy since 2015.

The tourism industry is growing in Portugal and to follow this trend our team is also getting bigger. We are a group of Ana's (the second most common name in Portugal after Maria), we have Pedro that helps us during the weekend and Ruben (unfortunately we weren't able to convince him to change his name to Ana). At the beggining we did tours in Sintra only, but now we are also visiting the nicest places closer to Lisbon.

We love our country and we want to you to fall in love with it too! If you are looking for a guide that speaks about the king's chair for hours, than this is not the place. If you want to feel at home and get to know the local culture at the same time, then join us and let's visit the best places!

RNAAT 360/2015

Ana and her friends (the super team)!


Ana Carrasqueira studied in Estoril Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Studies, she is an expert in costumer service due to her working experience in Bla Bla Bla...
Hey I'm Ana! A friendly and outgoing young lady who loves Sintra and loves to share it with others even more!


Ruben Apolinário studied Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, he worked in Unesco world heritage monuments and more Blá Blá Blá.
Hello I'm Ruben! I'm an easygoing young men that is passionate about our culture, heritage and beautifull nature.


Ana Catarina Gouveia is a Promoter and a full-time mom. She is a super local (don't be jealous but I wake up with a Pena Palace view) that helps the rest of the rest of the team in her spare time.


Ana Sofia walking guide from June till Sptember. Get to know me in the summer!


New Tour Leader coming soon...

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