Ana's Adventures in Sintra

Ana’s Adventures in Sintra is a very small, young company based in Sintra. It was created by Ana Catarina Carrasqueira that has been making tourists happy since 2015.

The tourism industry is growing in Portugal and to follow this trend our team is also getting bigger. We are a group of Ana’s (the second most common name in Portugal after Maria), we have also Pedro and Rafael that helps us during the weekend and during the weekdays Ruben Daniel (unfortunately we weren’t able to convince the boys to change their name to Ana). At the beggining we did tours in Sintra only, but now we are also visiting the nicest places closer to Lisbon (Mafra, Ericeira, Fátima, Tomar, Óbidos, Nazaré, etc.).

We love our country and we want to you to fall in love with it too! If you are looking for a guide that speaks about the king’s chair for hours, than this is not the place. If you want to feel at home and get to know the local culture at the same time, then join us and let’s visit the best places!

RNAAT 360/2015

Ana and her friends (the super team)!


Ana Carrasqueira  (aka little boss)

Wonderful tour in Sintra

We can not say enough good things about Ana. She was very helpful , punctual, friendly, and informative. She helped us even before the tour with train schedule from Entrecampos station near Sheraton hotel in Lisbon. We have four tours in Portugal and this is clearly the best one that we had. The van was spacious for our group of 4. Our visit to Pena palace, Moorish castle and Quinta de Regaleira with Ana was memorable. I don’t think I can do that efficiently in 7-8 hours without Ana. She booked our lunch at Incomum in Sintra which was fantastic. She even bought a bag of delicious cookies for us at the end. Highly recommend.”


Ana Catarina Moreira (aka Catarina)


Sintra and its surroundings are difficult to do on foot. the distances are relatively important between 2 interesting points to visit and moreover it goes up and down all the time. In short, for those who can I recommend “Ana’s Adventure in Sintra” and of course our very nice and competent guide Catarina. Book for the full day (about 7 hours) which will allow you to visit many sites without stress on time. Only the visit of the castle and its gardens takes more than 2 hours. Catarina is not just a driver, she likes to talk about her city and to share the good places.”


Rafael Tavares (aka Rafa)


We lucked out when we stumbled on a tour with Rafael. He helped us pick out the best destinations based on our interests (and traffic) to make the most of our day in Sintra. He was very patient, letting us spend as much time as we wanted at each site without feeling rushed. He is very knowledgeable and gave great insight to each of the places we visited and made us feel comfortable the entire time. He shared some history of the city and also gave us great insight into the town from the locals’ perspective. Cannot recommend enough!”


Ana Sofia Boucinha (aka Sofia)

Arriving by train from Lisbon to Sintra we discovered that the world had had our own idea !!! The thought of facing overcrowded bus we humiliated … and so we met Sofia … E ‘was a very kind and attentive guide to our needs, especially the reduced mobility of my husband. She gave us valuable suggestions and gave us a chance to see things that otherwise we would not. We comfortably reached the Palace of pena, the National Palace and then in the splendor of Cabo da Roca … From there to Cascais without forgetting magnificent sights of course stop in Boca do inferno … a beautiful ride and a very nice and extremely available girl riding magnificently in her jeep … “

Pedro Jorge (aka Peter Pan)

Profesional and empatic


We had the fortune to contract Pedro for the visit to Sintra and from the first moment we empathized. He was concerned, among other things, to get his own car  babychair so that our 16-month-old son could carry out the different journeys by car safely. We also liked knowing that the company had travel insurance for users.

Sintra is a wonderful place and Pedro is passionate about its history, which makes the visit unbeatable. He adjusted the route to the time we had and to our tastes. We would hire him again without a doubt.”


Ana Catarina Correia (aka Pedro´s cousin)

“Favorite Part of my Portuguese Adventure


Short Review: Had the most amazing day of my trip to Portugal. Having grown up in Sintra, Ana was super knowledgeable and friendly. She knows the best sights the area has to offer and will make recommendations based on how much time you have to spend… For anyone visiting Sintra, going on an adventure with Ana is a must. You won’t want to leave!”


Ruben Daniel (aka Dani)


Beste trip with Ruben Daniel

Hi all! If you ever go to Sintra look for Daniel Ruben from Ana’s Adventures in Sintra. The best guide ever! Funny and you can talk with him about Sintra and more. and find some great things! He knows some great places to go and restaurant to eat! No stress ever and the prices are right! He made us the best day, who started as an fail day with alot of clowds and mist!

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